The Network

Since October 2, 2008, the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, the Boschi di Stefano Historic House Museum, the Necchi Campiglio Villa and the Poldi Pezzoli Museum have been together in the network of Milanese historic house museums.


By visiting the House Museums of Milan, the children discover how many things a house can narrate: the story of the people who inhabited these beautiful homes and the changes in lifestyles and habits.

Milanese Itineraries

Discover the new paths that will guide you through the visit of Milan

Bagatti Valsecchi

Via Gesù, 5, 20121 Milano
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Boschi di Stefano

Via Giorgio Jan, 15, 20129 Milano
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Villa Necchi Campiglio

Via Mozart, 14, 20122 Milano
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Poldi Pezzoli

Via Alessandro Manzoni, 12, 20121 Milano
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Four unique locations, just one card*

*The Boschi di Stefano House Museum is free entry.

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