Elesta Travel and the Fondazione Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte (“Cologni Foundation for Art Skills”) propose two guided tours framed by the splendid Bagatti Valsecchi Museum of Milan.

The tours are part of the “Milan Grand Tour” project: new itineraries to acquaint the public with the places, materials and secrets of professional Milanese art skills.


1st appointment
Tuesday, September 26, 2 PM
“An ancient and noble art”
Subject: metal

Among the collections of the art objects in the Bagatti Valsecchi Museum, special attention is reserved for Italian and foreign metal objects. Metal is the dominating material also in the arms and armor on display in the Gallery of Arms, which majestically welcomes guests at the entrance of the historic house museum. The art of forging metals is noble and ancient. Today, Milanese metal sculptors interpret their art in a special place: an ex-factory active in the 1930s for the production of eye drops. Immersed in a bamboo garden, the studio offers a unique experience.
Deadline for signing up: during office hours by Monday, September 18

2nd appointment
Saturday, September 30, 2 PM
“Historical and precious leather objects”
Subject: leather objects

The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum has and cares for an interesting collection of Italian leather objects from the 15th to the 16th centuries, from small object holders and sword sheathes to gunpowder flasks and a decorative shield carried in parades. Leather is one of the materials, together with metal, that appears in soldiers’ equipment of any epoch. Near the barracks in via Monti, famous for having housed the Savoy cavalry regiment, there is a historic boot shop once producer of the regiment’s boots, and whose artisans, heirs to tradition, are still masters of working leather. Today in the elegant shop, one can order completely handmade shoes, from the tracing of the footprint on paper and the construction of the template and the last to the finishing of the upper shoe.
Deadline for signing up: during office hours, by the 22nd of September

Special price for this new offer: E. 50,00 a person for each tour, excluding the museum entry fee
Sign-up (obligatory), write to:  info@elestatravel.it 
Departure meeting point: Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
Length: about three hours
Means of transportation during the tour: public transportation
Minimum number of people to activate the tour: 6
Maximum number of people per tour: 8
Languages: the tour is available in Italian or in English, please specify when reserving

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