The Bagatti Valsecchi Museum and Città nascosta launch the iniziative: LA CULTURA SI MANGIA® UN PANINO AL MUSEO (“Edible Culture: A Sandwich at the Museum”): five appointments during the usual lunch hour, from 1 to 2 PM. In addition to a good sandwich, each time a different topic will be “tasted,” joyously transmitting a bit of the history of the house and the brothers who planned it, family anecdotes and collection curiosities in one of the city’s most original historic house museums.

Five appointments (in Italian), twice a month, from the end of September to the end of November are characterized each time by a different topic inspired by the museum’s collections.

To kick off the series, the personalities, peculiarities and spirits of the two Bagatti Valsecchi barons responsible for the house as we know it, today, seen through the Latin mottoes they chose for the rooms of their house. After that, prevailing are themes tied to the house’s helmets, shields and armor, collections no longer warlike, but decorative, that were de rigueur in a house inspired by the Renaissance; tapestries and paintings through which the history of the Bagatti, Milan and Milanese nobility is teased out; the brothers’ furnishing sense inextricably tied to design (the brothers, in fact, were precursors of contemporary design, and themselves drew the drawings for the furniture and daily use objects created for their home); and, finally, scratching beneath the surface (but not literally, please!) of the Renaissance style, you will bounce back and forth like in a pinball machine among the concepts of original, restored and in-style to discover the dualism between true and false. Which objects are antique? Which were more or less heavily restored in the 19th century? Which – for example, to complete a set of chairs – are completely of the 19th century, and only inspired by the Renaissance?

Calendar and Contacts (presentations in Italian)

Wednesday, September 27, 1 PM
Virtus Amor Honor: the Bagatti Valsecchi brothers recounted through their Latin mottoes

Wednesday, October 11, 1 PM
Arms and armor: from war implements to salon trophies

Wednesday, October 25, 1 PM
Paintings and tapestries: a collection in art and in time

Wednesday, November 8, 1 PM
Arts & Crafts in Milan: The Designers Bagatti Valsecchi

Wednesday, November 22, 1 PM
Real or not? Let’s play

Each visit (in Italian) costs €20 a person, and includes: a ticket to the museum, a sandwich, water

Info and reservations
Città Nascosta Milano
Telefone: +39 02 49533008
Mobile: +39 347 3661174

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